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My husband and daughter went to a Daddy-Daughter Ball that was a fundraiser for a local organization. At the fundraiser, they bid and won a month of Guitar Lessons at The Conway Institute of Music. So, we called and got her signed up right away. From the 1st lesson with her teacher, we have seen her confidence soar and her love for music skyrocket. Her grades in school even improved the last quarter, too! You can tell that everyone that works there is very passionate about their job and that they work hard to see that the students excel while making it really fun to learn. We also loved how they arranged the recital in small blocks of time so you aren't committing your entire day unless you want to. And, they reward the kids for good grades by letting them earn merchandise from their store. My daughter bought herself a Conway Institute of Music shirt and she proudly wears it often. Hands down one of the best experiences we have had with extracurricular activities in Conway!! If you are thinking about getting involved with music lessons, I highly recommend Conway Institute of Music!
-Jessica Bowles, Conway, AR

By a landslide the best music school around. The staff is comprised of talented, fully engaged, and superb/patient teachers. The lessons are individualized and personal to each student. My son loves attending, and the Musical Ladder system really gives him a subtle yet repeating sense of accomplishment that truly keeps him interested.
-Perry Willhite, Conway, AR

We’ve been getting lessons for 2 years- my children started with guitar lessons and then changed to vocal lessons in the second year- they love it! The teachers accommodate both of my children’s learning style and personality. The recitals are wonderful and a great chance for parents to see what the students have been working on with their teachers. The lessons are 30 minutes, and literally always started on time and ended on time. The make-up lessons are convenient and last an hour and are done in a group setting, which is fun! They recently installed cameras so you can watch your child during lessons and of course I have always welcome to sit in there with them. Jim and the ladies at the front desk are always friendly and willing to accommodate schedules and always check in to make sure things is going well with your lessons. The Musical Ladder system is a great motivator and it’s nice for the kids to be recognized for their achievements. Many different types of classes around town are only offered seasonally, or during the school year- I liked that CIM keeps their schedule year round and we don’t have to keep signing up. It was also really easy to switch the type of lesson that you can take. I would highly recommend them! My children started when they were 5 and 6, I was worried they were too young, but again, the teachers were GREAT!!
-Robin Duran, Conway, AR

Excellent! The staff was extra friendly and my daughter loved her ukulele teacher. Also a great setup inside. Each room has their own camera so you can watch the lesson from the waiting area, which is always kept nice and clean. Would definitely recommend this place.
-Amy Grace, Hot Springs, AR

My son LOVES coming to Conway Institute of Music for his guitar lessons. We are very pleased with this wonderful school. We have been coming for just a few months and he has already learned so much by working with his teacher. We love their musical ladder system, which serves as a great positive reinforcement for my son. It has definitely given him some exciting goals to work toward. The director, Jim, is very personable and great with the kids. The first day we went by the school to inquire about lessons, he stopped everything he was doing just to chat with my son, play some music for him, and put his anxiety at ease. He has always had great advice for how to encourage that love for music to continue and has really made my son feel excited to be there. It's an added bonus that the manager Emily is incredibly sweet and helpful. We love this music school and highly recommend it to everyone.
-Priscilla Baxter, Conway, AR

My child is LOVING her lessons! She has issues with staying focused like most five-year olds, but she is truly retaining the information. Jessie is wonderful with her. She is so patient and works well with her personality. She has this amazing insight that allows her to use my child's whimsical associations as momentum for the lessons. When Jessie first started working with her, she was not writing all of her letters yet. The sessions have helped her develop writing skills and gain practical application skills using both letters and numbers. The main reason we enrolled her in piano was to help her to become more disciplined. Through theses active-learning sessions, she is definitely developing an association between following directions and getting positive results. I am more than happy with the way things are going! I have gotten everything I expected and more!!
-Shlynda Hudson, Conway, AR

We love Conway Institute of Music! When my son first told me he wanted to learn how to play drums, I was skeptical. Bit after less than a month he was playing classic rock songs that he loved. He was SO excited! That excitement has grown over time and my son is HOOKED! He loves music and can't get enough. Out experience was so good, we signed out daughter up to learn bass. Her experience was just as good She, too, was playing music she loved within just a few weeks. Now both kids are in rock bands and enjoy performing. We thing CIM is FANTASTIC! They are ROCK STARS in our book!!!
-Tiffany Guynes, Conway, AR

Very personable, they provide top notch services. We have only been attending for about 4 months now. I couldn't be more pleased with the care they take in making sure you are happy with your child's sessions, and their instructor. We have gotten to participate in free photo day, where we actually received a free 4x6 photo of our child with the instrument they play. That kind of service doesn't happen very often. I have received phone calls to make sure things are going well and that we are happy with them. I have never received a phone call from dance class and we were there for several years. As we enter into the holiday season, they have a table set up in the lobby with crafts for the children to make a Christmas card for their teacher and stockings for all of the instructors so the child can put the handmade card in the their teachers stocking. Creating excitement for the love of music. I am very pleased with the quality of customer service this establishment provides.
-Theresa Gray-Slanton, Conway AR

My sister Emmy was very happy to finally start learning an instrument. My mom Mary and I looked into different places and decided that Conway Institute of Music was our best choice! From the very first moment my mom and sister went to the school they were very excited, the attention they received was phenomenal and gave my mom peace. Emmy would come home to tell me all about it and show me all that she had learned!! Emmy is a smart little girl, but in the process of learning to play the piano, she has become more independent and confident about the things she can do. We are sad to leave since we will no longer be living in town, but I would totally recommend the Conway Institute of Music to any parent, no matter how old the kids are. Emmy was surrounded by a very much positive environment that has enhanced her already beautiful personality. Thank you to all of the staff! We will sure miss you!
-Susan and Mary Antunez, Conway AR

Seth has AHDH and actually only started lessons because I gave him a choice of learning an instrument or playing sports. He chose to learn to play the guitar. He was skeptical at first and now he absolutely loves it. He gets upset when he can't go to a lesson due to weather or whatever. He loves his instructor Josh who has been able to keep Seth actively engaged in his lessons. And, he thinks Mr. Jim is just too cool! I am so glad we chose CIM. They treat everyone that walks through the door as though they are their favorite person!
-Michelle Rankin, Conway, AR

My 10-year-old daughter has been taking piano lessons at CIM for 4 years. Originally we were turned away by another establishment in Conway saying that being 6 she was too young for lessons. It nearly broke her heart. I found Jim and CIM in the phone book. They welcomed us with open arms. She has been taking lessons now for 4 years and is now even composing her own songs. Jim and the people at CIM are consistent and professional. She has been with the same instructor the entire 4 years. They believe that learning should be fun and go out of their way to make it that way. I have been teaching middle school for 24 years and can honestly say that the people at CIM know what they are doing. If your child loves music and wants to learn an instrument, I highly recommend Jim and the people at Conway Institute of Music.
-Ted Whittington, Mayflower, AR

Conway Institute of Music is a rare jewel and a must for anyone in the central Arkansas area who is considering musical training. Jim and his entire staff have always been top notch. My two sons have been involved at the Institute for 2 plus years now and our experience has been completely positive. The instructors are well trained, experienced, and professional, but also get to know you on a personal level and cater their teaching style toward the interests and pace of the student, which definitely encourages them to want to practice and grow their skills. CIM has afforded my kids the opportunity to perform in local venues, to be a part of a band, and to learn about confidence and other important skills that go along with being a performing musician...something that they wouldn't have found anywhere else in the area. I would highly recommend CIM to anyone of any age who is considering beginning, continuing, or advancing their musical career.
-David Horton, Conway, AR

Our 6 year old, Gavin, has been taking piano lessons for over a year with Mrs. Priscilla. He loves taking lessons and has learned so much. I am able to sit in with him for every lesson and I have also learned so much about playing. He leaves every lesson with a smile and loves to practice at home! The atmosphere is great and all the staff are very friendly!
-Judy Hawkins, Conway, AR

Institute of Music (CIM) for one year. He took both guitar and drum lessons. We ended the lessons this month, because we are moving from the area. He has truly loved the Institute. His music teacher, Israel, has been the absolute best! Israel taught my son how to read music and was an overall fun music teacher. The Director, Jim, is always so friendly and professional. My son and I truly enjoyed CIM. I highly recommend this school to individuals of all ages. I know that they will also enjoy it and learn a lot about the art of music!
-Tiffany Johnson, Conway, AR

Conway institute of music is fabulous! They are sure to keep all their students/parents in the know of everything that is going on in the school. They're instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. I would totally recommend the institute to anyone interested in taking music lessons. Keep up the good work Conway institute of music!
-Britain Neumeier, Conway, AR

My daughter has Auditory Processing Disorder and ADD and struggles in school. Conway Institute of Music has been a confidence builder and a mood booster for my sweet Kate. Kate struggles with reading and her VOICE AND PIANO lessons have changed her attitude about learning and reading. She loves taking classes and adores her teachers. So on the days we are struggling with reading and learning my sweet Kate always starts to sing and play music to relieve her stress and anxiety.
-Lisa Scroggins, Conway, AR

I am a senior adult approaching retirement, who wanted to take guitar lessons to add to my retirement activities. I have been taking lessons from Jim Skelton going on three years. Under Jim's tutelage, I have grown in playing the guitar way beyond my expectations. When we started, he assessed quickly where I was, and began bring me along at a pace totally comfortable. He has pushed me over time to do things with a guitar that at first I was reluctant, but at his urging, I gave it a try and he was right-I could do it. He is totally knowledgeable, a great instructor, and just a good person from whom to learn guitar. I recommend him without hesitation.
-James Isom, Conway, AR

My two girls have been students at Conway Institute of Music for about a year and a half now. The instructors are educated, experienced and most of all they really care about my children and are always patient. If you are trying to decide where to send your children for private music lessons, look no further than Conway Institute of Music!
-Suzanne Jacobs, Conway, AR

My children especially my oldest daughter has been a student of Conway Institute of Music for 5 years. They offer the best instructors for all instruments. They work hard to listen to the parents and the children in their music choices from playing rock or country to doing more classical or jazz. We have taken multiple lessons from multiple teachers and have yet to meet an instructor who is not well-versed in what they are teaching or finding the best way to teach each child individually in the best way that they learn. Please consider them for all your music needs
-Timsey Everett, Greenbrier, AR

The night Blake was born we were given little hope of his survival. He was born 15 weeks early and weighed in at a whopping 13.4 ounces. His prognosis was grim, "his chances of survival are less than 20% & if he does beat the odds, his quality of life will be far from perfect." Blake is almost 10 years old. He is a normal, healthy, 4th grader. It's still surreal to see him beside his instructor learning the art of music. He looks forward to every lesson and I look forward to seeing his love for music grow.
-Amber McNew, Conway AR

My children have been taking lessons at Conway Institute of Music for about a year and a half. They absolutely love their teachers and the rest of the staff, that they have come to know. My kids are always happy to go to lessons and always seem to find a reason to linger after their lessons are over. I love the fact that they also have band clinics, which my son is a part of, where they teach the students how to play together. My kids have had so much fun that I became slightly jealous and decided I needed to learn a new instrument myself. Honestly, I couldn't imagine a better environment in which to learn how to play music.
-John Schwarz. Houston, AR

When I was looking for a music school for my son to learn guitar, I was most impressed by the friendly, kid-friendly teaching environment of CIM. Wonderful instructors who are talented, kind and encouraging. We have never had a stressed moment or feel pressured to perform at any level. There is definitely a love of music and passion for teaching here - so blessed to be part of it. I highly recommend the songwriting/recording classes that are a couple of times a year. Really cool and inspirational for my son for sure
-Julie Thomas, Conway, AR

Can't say enough good things about CIM! I have two children enrolled there in three different classes. They are learning so much! The staff is great and the instructors are wonderful!! If you are looking for any kind of music lessons I would defiantly recommend CIM!
-Dana Jeremiah, Conway, AR

Conway Institute if Music is a highly experiences and professional institution in Conway. My son has gained huge amounts of personal talent and a cast accumulation of music knowledge. The best part of the Institute is that the instructors will push you to do your upmost best with every piece.
-Dragan Brkovic, Conway, AR

My daughter took guitar lessons and I was impressed at how much she was able to play after only a few lessons with never having played before! She enjoyed her instructors and they were always so helpful. Jim Skelton goes above and beyond.
-Kerry Jones, Conway, AR

Conway Institute of Music provides my children with an excellent music education. My children often have short attention spans for activities, but their teachers keep them actively engages while challenging them - all while having fun. We HIGHLY recommend CIM.
-Gena Green, Conway, AR

This school is amazing and is the high light of my school plagued week I enjoy every second of it the staff and teachers are amazing and super friendly keep up the good work and keep rocking.
-James Baker, Conway, AR

I have been a student of CIM for a month and I have loved mu experience! I am looking forward to continuing my lessons in the future!
-Cassidy Ritchie, Conway AR

I think it's great because you learn the meaning and beauty of music. You have fun while you learn!
-Olivia Mulkey, Vilonia, AR

I went to CIM for a last minute drum lesson right before my all-region tryout. I received first band - first chair at my tryout 2 weeks later. I really believe that my lesson at CIM fine tuned my playing and allowed me to achieve my goal. The Drum teacher was very knowledgeable about concert percussion and it was well worth the two-hour drive to Conway.
-Abby Antici, Batesville, AR

CIM is not just about lessons but making the students musicians. I love the Rock Band Classes. Students have the opportunity to apply what they learn.
-Jenny Bruenger, Conway, AR

Conway Institute of Music gives you a fantastic opportunity to expand the horizons of your musical talents. Two of my kids are great examples of what CIM can do.
-Tommy Wallace, Conway, AR

Noah looks forward to his guitar lessons and loves his teacher! I have been very impressed.
-Raquel Dykes, Conway, AR

CIM is a great place! I attempted guitar multiple times when I was younger and failed! Jim is unlike any other teacher I've had!
-Brad Boogaerts, Conway, AR

Great Place. Great Teachers. Great People. Great Everything :).
-Will Horton, Conway, AR

Conway Institute of Music supports your musical growth offering the finest local and national instruction.
-Jonathon Trawick, Conway, AR

Conway Institute of Music is a wonderful place to take private music lessons. I highly recommend private lessons at CIM!
-Brad Bietry, Colorado Springs, CO

Let me just start by saying we are sad to leave!! My son has had an amazing experience and loves his teacher. If you get the chance to take drum lessons from Evan do it! He has taught our son so much. To say we are grateful and proud parents would be an understatement. Thank you Conway Institute of Music!!
-Beth VanByssum, Conway AR

Conway Institute of Music has provided a top-notch experience for our family. Jim Skelton, the owner, listened to our needs for a quality music instruction for our sons, and for my scheduling needs as a parent. They asked us what we wanted out of the lessons, and tailored the curriculum to reflect what we wanted. My boys get a little bit of music theory and sight-reading along with learning how to play the songs they choose. The recitals are twice a year, voluntary and casual.
-Mary Spears Polk, Conway AR

As a "non-traditional" student I was reluctant to begin voice lessons but Conway Institute of Music's professional faculty and staff made the experience a very positive one. My instructor, Israel, was always very supportive, professional, and went over and above to help me reach my goals. While at Conway Institute of Music I was able to greatly improve my singing voice and perhaps more importantly gain the confidence that I needed to sing in front of other people. Highly recommended!
-David Mitchell, Fox AR

Piano lessons from the Conway Institute of Music have been the best thing ever for my 12-year-old son. Shyness and low confidence is something he has struggled with, so I'm amazed at the confidence boost his piano lessons have brought him over this past year. One of the highlights for me was watching him confidently walk on stage and play the beautiful grand piano at the music recital the Institute put on. It gave me goose bumps! We love the owner, Jim, and his piano teacher, Mark. They are awesome people that really care. Thank you, thank you, and thank you to both of you!
-Diane Dudzik, Clinton AR

Our 11 year old, Lucas, took viola lessons for almost a year and a half with Cory Abbott before our recent military move away from the area. Lucas loved taking lessons and has learned so much. He learned to read music and played in 2 recitals. Cory is a great instructor very down to earth. He played along with Lucas on occasion, which Lucas loved. My husband and I were always welcome to sit in on lessons. Lucas left every lesson with a smile and is still practicing every day as we look for a new instructor in the DC area. The atmosphere at the Conway Institute of Music is great and all the staff members are very friendly. The make-up lesson policy is very convenient. I highly recommend the Conway Institute of Music, and especially Cory Abbott, for viola and violin lessons. Thanks for everything, Jim!
-Rose Villacis, Cabot AR

Very nice place to go and take lesson. Very well run business who work with us, went are grandson change what instrument he want to play, they had no problems changing us to a different teacher so we could tried a different instrument.
-Louann Henderson, Quitman AR

Great staff. I took guitar lessons with Justin (who is a guitar genius). Always helpful and allow you to learn your favorite songs. You're never too old to learn a new instrument especially with CIM in your corner.
-Cody Hawkins, Mount Vernon AR

Our 6 year old, Gavin, has been taking piano lessons for over a year with Mrs. Priscilla. He loves taking lessons and has learned so much. I am able to sit in with him for every lesson and I have also learned so much about playing. He leaves every lesson with a smile and loves to practice at home! The atmosphere is great and all the staff are very friendly!
-Judy Hawkins, Conway AR

CIM has helped JC play better and better each session. Mr. Jim Skeleton has done everything we've asked to make sure JC has the best teacher for him. He has listened to all of our concerns and does what is best for JC. He and Ms. Emily are a great team that cares about each child's music education. JC has been a student for over 4 years now and will stay a student until he leaves for college. If your child is interested in music...sign them up and let the great teachers at CIM mentor them.
-Joe Green, Cabot AR

Quality instruction at an awesome studio - this place is a win-win!
-Robyn Taff Harris, Batavia IL

Conway Institute of Music is the best there is! From the time you walk in the door, you are greeted by name and really feel like you belong! The instructors are knowledgeable and professional, yet keep it fun. My son looks forward to "Drum lesson day " every week! The Music Ladder System is the perfect tool to track progress and the bracelets give the students something to encourage them to work hard. The contests and referral programs are a great addition as well. Everybody has an opportunity to join the recitals at their skill levels to showcase their talents. Come out and see what they are learning at CIM!
-Christi Theis, Greenbrier, AR

I have been at the CIM for 2 and half years. When I look back to where I was when I started the growth has been amazing. I love how my teacher stretches me out of my comfort zone really working on my head voice. I now sing songs I wouldn't when I first started here. I'm glad to be a student here. I tell all my choir friends and anyone I know does anything with music to come here for lessons.
-Nakeia Jones, Conway, AR

Isaiah has been interested in drumming since his was about 10 months old. In which , we kept observing him over the next year and he became more interested or insistent on "drumming on everything". We were open to drum lessons and visited several locations. All of which shared the same response, he was to young at 2 years old . We contacted CIM and the reply was come by a take a tour and we will review based off his interview. Needless to say we were enrolled. Isaiah is learning more each week is well on his way to becoming an amazing drummer!
-Lashawnda Graham, Conway, AR

Jaxon has been attending piano lessons for 3 months now and we love it! The staff at Conway Institute are amazing! They are fun and so nice! Jaxon's teacher is patient , kind, and fun. We have been very impressed!
-Jaime Davis, Conway, AR

I have a piano and drum student with CIM. We have been welcomed and encouraged greatly. Sweet staff and awesome teachers.
-Laura Ragsdale, Conway, AR

Everyone is so friendly and Logan loves is lessons! It's been 5 months since piano lessons started and my son has learned so much!!
-Yogi Larmore, Conway, AR

Today was our first day and we felt so welcome by everyone!
-Dana Yvonne Hall, Conway, AR

Makenna was so excited to start violin lessons, and the instructors at Conway Institute of Music were one of the big reasons she kept going! They were very patient with her and kept her excited about learning a new instrument. I would highly recommend this establishment!
-Megan Augustine, Conway AR
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